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Most Common Causes of Clogged Drains

Clogged drains are common problems encountered in homes and commercial entities. It is a housewife’s nightmare, and could cost a lot for maintenance, aside from the fact that it could really be so messy having clogged drains.

What are the common causes of clogged drains? For homes, specially in the kitchen sink, food debris from meat, vegetable or fish, used cooking oil that causes these debris to stick together and blocking the flow of water down the drain pipe. Some house helpers or even restaurant crews do not see the need to remove food particles from plates and other kitchen utensils before washing it at the sink. At first it would looked just alright, but as days go by, those food debris would add up to finally block the drain. Such are the common causes of clogged drains in the kitchen. It is best to remove first the food debris, even used oil from cooking pots or pans before washing it.

In the bathroom, common causes of clogged drains are bits of soap or suds that cling together to form a mass that blocks the flow of water down the drain. It could be hairs, threads from fabrics, cotton, cotton buds, toilet tissues, and sometimes caps of toothpaste or shampoos that accidentally fall at the sink that has no proper porous covering; even jewelry, coins, sometimes loose screws from faucets, rivets, pins,hair clips, buttons, or even furs if you have pet cats and dogs inside your homes.

Water quality in your area could also cause clogged drains. When too much minerals like calcium is present in water that runs in your taps, in due time, calcium tend to build up inside pipes, thus impeding the flow of waste water.

There should be specific measures to solve the problem of blocked drains. One is if course personal discipline to keep the sink always clean, and another is by using certain chemicals, or even natural methods to remove it by using hot water or vinegar, or through mechanical methods.