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Plumbing Clogged Tub Drain

For the most part bathtub and shower channels get blocked from human hair. The hair customarily gets stuck in the channel at the top or travels through and gets stuck in the p-trap underneath.


You will oblige a plunger, fabric, needle nose pliers, multi head screw driver, Allen torque, hacksaw and maybe a little snake. Don’t use any sort of destructive or other channel cleaner.


In the unlikely event that your bathtub is more settled then you may have an old drum trap instead of a p-trap. There is a channel at the base of some of these, however for the most part paying little respect to the way that this is open the channel fitting is customarily rusted situated up. Additionally not in any manner like the P-trap under your sink there is no union on a p-trap under the bathtub.


Endeavor to source the stop up before you start. For example in the unlikely event that you run water into the bathtub and the tub starts to fill instantly then you know the hinder is close. If, despite everything that the water runs for quickly before the tub starts to fill then you know the block is further down the channel.


A couple of bathtubs have a chrome or metal associate that fits to the channel. You will need to evacuate this either with an Allen torque or screwdriver depending upon the kind of channel connection you have. Some have the lever style that are controlled from a lever that leaves the surge pipe.


When you endeavor to plunge the channel you should endeavor to pull out to the degree that as you can with a your needle nose forceps. This will consistently resolve the issue. If not then you should attempt to plunge the channel next.


When you start you should take off the over stream plate. You will oblige a customary head or a Phillips head on your screwdriver to evacuate the one or two attaches holding the plate place. Be careful so as not to let the pipe behind the tub drop or you will have a compelling time later on.


Next you will need to wet your material and place inside the surge pipe. This will allow you to plunge the channel and vitality air into the p-trap rather then the air heading up surge pipe.


Despite place some water in the base of the tub so you can get an incredible seal on your channel. Immediately plunge the channel with your plunger while holding the wet fabric in the surge pipeplumbing clogged tub drain. In the unlikely event that you don’t hold the fabric the vitality of the water and air will push the material out of the channel. The best kind of plunger for this is the accordion style. Not simply would you have the capacity to push air and water into the p-trap you can also draw water from the channel.


This may oblige some effort on your part. To be completely frank you may need to plunge powerfully for 5 to 10 minutes to get the channel unclogged.


In the unlikely event that after you have worked up a hard sweat you still can’t get the channel unclogged you will need to try to use the snake. In the unlikely event that you have the kind of fitting that has the lever control you will need to attempt to evacuate this before slowing down. Henceforth you may need to go underneath the floor where the p-trap is and evacuated the channel, and snake starting there.


In a couple of cases you can’t get the snake through the p-trap and you will have no choice yet to go underneath the rug into the subterrain room or the essential floor covering of the house and access the p-trap. Tragically if the top underneath is dry walled you will need to cut into the drywall to get access.

When you do this you will either have metal, energized, ABS, or PVC pipe. Cut into the channel or more the p-trap and essentially past the p-trap. This will accommodate you get to the purge that you can now use a snake on. You will require a bucket to get all the water from the p-trap and bathtub. In case you have a full tub you may need to shield a segment of the water out before cutting into the line underneath. Besides if, despite everything that you USED ACID of any kind you should call a jack of all trades.