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Cremorne Plumbing Emergency

The stench was unbearable. Cheryl had rinsed out all her bins, the ones in her house and the council ones! She checked her backyard, front yard, roof and roof space for dead animals. She had poured drain cleaner down all of her drains and flushed water through her floorwastes, but still the smell hung in the air like a toxic cloud. It was nauseating every time she smelt it. With no idea what else she could do, Cheryl called in her local Cremorne Plumber to try and help solve the problem.

The moment he stepped inside the Plumber could smell it. Cheryl begged him to help her, she had no idea where it could be coming from, she explained everything she tried so he had a starting point. The Neighbourhood Plumber went through her house and tested the drains. The kitchen, two bathrooms and laundry were all draining correctly, indicating no blockages in the line that could be causing the rancid smell. He then went outside into the front yard and tested the strip drains out the front of her garage. The water flowed quickly away. They then walked to the backyard and the local Cremorne Plumber tested the stormwater grate, which sat just outside the kitchen window. The grate was missing and there was some leaf matter in the base of the tub, which swirled around as he filled it with water.

The water drained, but quickly backed up and began to drain away slowly. The blockage didn’t appear to be too far down the line. He pulled out his drain camera first and took a look. He found the problem very quickly. Cheryl saw the image on the screen and almost gagged in disgust. A possum had gotten stuck in the stormwater pipe and hadn’t survived the ordeal. The Plumber set up his high pressure water jetter and used it to push the possum down the drain and into the main line. He made sure the drain was completely cleared and ran the camera through again. The small, smelly menace was gone. Cheryl couldn’t be more grateful for the help. There was no way she could have dealt with a dead possum in her drain by herself!

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