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The Best Ways to Deal with Leaking Pipes and Clogged Drains

A plumbing system that is properly designed and cared for can perform well each day. Many of us take plumbing for granted until something bad happens and leaking pipes or clogged drains do damage, unhygienic conditions, and inconvenience. Given below are the best ways of dealing with small plumbing issues so you save money and time.

Dealing with Drains that Have Clogged
Numerous items go through the shower, tub drains, and sink, like food waste, lint, soap, and hair. Toilets handle so much toilet paper and waste products. Over time, build up occurs, resulting in the creation of a mass that blocks water from above. Eventually, water will start overflowing from the counter top or floor.

When dealing with clogged drains, the first thing to do is diagnosing the blockage, if it is partial or full. Full blockages allow little to no water to go through, and is usually caused by dried debris that expands or hardens to fill the whole pipe. On the other hand, partial blockages only result in the slow flow of water, but can quickly lead to a full blockage, especially if you continue using the bathroom fixtures in spite of this.

Thus, if you notice that a partial blockage is happening, avoid using the sink, tub, shower, or toilet. Try using a drain snake or plunger to clear away the clog. If it fails to clear the clog at the first try, then shut the water off and contact the plumber.

Pull the ball float of the toilet tank upwards to prevent any attempts at flushing its contents. Switch off the water in order to avoid irritating any drains that have clogged. Make sure of placing towels to protect the surrounding surfaces and the flooring.

Correctly Dealing with Leaky Pipes
Leaky plumbing covers a lot of things, with small leaks causing manageable inconveniences and big leaks calling for costly repair work. Where the leak happens and when it is found dictates how home owners need to respond.

A few leaks happen within cabinets and behind walls, staying unnoticeable until something gets water damaged. Others can be easily seen, like leaky taps. Keep in mind that regardless of where the leak happens, it has to be stopped at the soonest possible time.

A dripping tap might not sound like a huge deal, but these waste water and gradually drive your monthly water bills upward. These also need to be fixed with the help offered by licensed plumbers.

Whether you are dealing with drains that have clogged or pipes that have leaked, be sure to avoid self-help or DIY solutions as much as possible. Instead, switch the water main off, avoid using the taps and parts of the house near clogged drains for the meantime, wipe the water that has pooled, and contact licensed and qualified plumbers as soon as possible. This allows the problem to be dealt with properly.