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Cremorne residents deserve the best and that is why our staff are trained in all aspects of plumbing and gas fitting including;

The repair or replacement of dripping, faulty or out-of-date old tapware
The repair or replacement of running toilets, leaking cisterns and cracked bowls
Gas Services such as repairs to existing lines or installation of new lines
Locating and repairing leaking water pipes
Ecologically friendly rainwater tanks installed, repaired or replaced
Sewer and stormwater drains cleared, inspected, repaired, re-lined or re-run
Hot Water System repairs or replacement and Solar Hot Water installations

We can think of at least 7 reasons why you should call Plumber Cremorne…


We value professionalism

Polite technicians who have been trained to do their jobs well



Great services with a guaranteed price for all of your plumbing needs


100% Quality Service

All of our work is guaranteed 100%


Emergency Services

Plumbers on standby 24/7 for plumbing emergencies


Cost Effective Services

We also check other plumbing fixtures throughout your home and advise you accordingly


Equipped and on-time

We have vehicles fully equipped with tools and stock for most plumbing jobs


Dedicated Professionals

Experts in blocked drains

Client Testimonials

A Short Tale from Cremorne Plumber

Deborah was a stay at home mum. She had three children. Deborah and her husband lived in a 35 year old home near the beach in Cremorne. They loved the old house, but had decided that some parts had to be renovated as paint and plaster was peeling at places. Rather than hire somebody for the work, they decided to do it themselves, in bits and pieces. That way, they could pick and choose whatever they wanted and save money.

They began work on renovating the toilet. The first half had gone surprisingly well. They were able to pull everything out quick and fast. But, they spotted trouble the moment they dug out the tiles on the floor.

The pipe across the floor was rusty and looked precariously close to crumbling in one or two places. Deborah decided that this was outside the realm of their skills set and decided to give her local neighbourhood plumber a call.

The plumber from Cremorne inspected the bathroom early the next morning. He not only helped them with the water pipe but also spotted a problem with the toilet drain that they could fix while they were renovating the bathroom. In the course of the discussion, the plumber agreed to send in a detailed quote for the bathroom renovation, including new taps to replace the old ones, new drainage system and a new vanity unit.

A week later, the bathroom renovation was done. The plumber from Cremorne had fixed the drain pipes, changed the old leaking taps and installed a new hot water heater that would supply water to both the bathrooms in the ground floor.

Expert plumbers are rare. If you find one, do not let them go. If you haven’t found one yet, simply call us on 0402 290 290.